Give her back hope

We are a Christian organisation based in Grimsby wanting to extend our friendship and support to the most vulnerable women within our community. We exist to facilitate the rebuilding of lives that have been given up as hopeless, encourage them back into mainstream society, achieve their full potential and realise their dreams. This is achieved by building relationships through a team of dedicated volunteers and working in partnership with other agencies both locally and nationally whose commitment and concern is the welfare of those that we assist.

Our Aim is to:

  • See vulnerable women break free and stay free from drug, alcohol, and other addictions, depression, homelessness and those gripped into prostitution.
  •  Identify those at risk of entering a destructive lifestyle and provide them with the help they need to get them ‘back on track’.
  • Provide a relapse prevention service that addresses the temptations of returning to former addictions and lifestyles.

We encourage the building up of lives that have been given up as hopeless, by building relationships/ friendships through a team of dedicated volunteers.  From initial contact, we communicate love and kindness to the most broken and desperate in a non-judgmental way, adopting an ethos of ‘Christianity with it’s sleeves rolled up’. This approach is vital as very often we meet vulnerable ladies that are  distressed or frightened. It can take some time and regular meetings before trust and confidence has been built between us and those we befriend.

When trust is gained we can attend emergencies and offer our assistance during crisis such as rape, violence or drug overdose, encourage them to engage with emergency services and give our support during these stressful times.

We offer a unique and broad range of services that compliment those already given by other agencies both locally and nationally. BRIDGEfriends is committed to maintaining and strengthening existing partnerships, as well as making new connections with other agencies in the community to provide a more comprehensive and complete service for our service users.