Daytime Outreach

re-connect, rebuild and restore

The needs of those who we assist are extensive and, after meeting their immediate concerns on the evening outreach, we refer the women onto our daytime programme, where we address their other long term needs by offering a broader range of services.

Typically, the women that we reach suffer with life-controlling issues such as drug addiction, alcohol dependency, violent relationships and prostitution and, as a consequence, have chaotic lifestyles. Due to the chaos in their lives, they tend to disconnect from mainstream society and often miss vital appointments.

Much of the early work involves bringing some normality into their lives, helping them to re-connect with mainstream services and their families, in some circumstances.  The daytime work of the outreach includes collecting vulnerable women to attend vital appointments at police stations, courts, hospitals, GPs, drug intervention schemes et cetera.  We also signpost them to key agencies, assisting them with form filling and taking them out for social events, such as lunches, birthday treats or just for coffee, to establish relationships further and increase their confidence.  As relationships are strengthened, we progress with their personalised care plans and support them in making the choices that bring change to their lives.  These care plans vary in complexity and are regularly reviewed, depending on individual need.

We have supported and continue to support vulnerable women in a variety of ways, such as: fleeing from violent partners, exiting prostitution, prison visits and regular correspondence, preventing evictions by sourcing funds from other charities, giving assistance following rape attacks, working closely with the Police and NHS, providing representation in court, introducing many to the Bridge Fellowship and other churches, providing our in-house officiator and covering the catering cost of funerals, as well as hospital visits for those estranged from family.

We are encouraged by the impact that BRIDGEfriends has made on the local community and are excited about the future prospect of many more lives being changed and restored. We have developed good working partnerships with local and national agencies that provide the vulnerable women that we assist with complimentary services.

Our desire is that each woman we work with achieves their full potential, realises their dreams and sees relationships restored, including the relationship with their Heavenly Father.  We offer our services regardless of ethnic and religious backgrounds, valuing each person as an individual.  Our service is based on biblical principles of outrageous love. 

You can learn about the services offered on our night time outreach here.