Make a MONTHLYdonation

Regular giving enables us to provide:

  • Warm gloves and a scarf £5.00
  • Fuel cost for one outreach £10.00
  • Food and fuel for one outreach £25.00
  • Vehicle and outreach insurance £100.00

Make a SINGLEdonation

A single donation will help us to a life back on track by:

  • Purchasing one inspire to change course £10.00
  • Assisting to flee a violent relationship £25.00
  • Supported prison visit £50.00
  • House start up items £200.00

Pay for an

Help to fund the cost of providing emergency support:

  • Purchasing clothing and bedding following emergency exit from violent partner or prostitution
  • Replacing locks on doors to protect vulnerable women from violent ex-partners
  • Cost of relocating vulnerable woman to another town

HELP us to give a Christmas Gift

Help us to raise funds to:

  • Give out 35 Christmas Bags to vulnerable women
  • All containing quality presents
  • They will be overwhelmed to receive them
  • You will be showing them that you care