the issue

the cry for  help in our community

Since 2009 we have met with over 180 vulnerable women in the Grimsby area. Some of whom were either gripped into the trappings of prostitution, homelessness, addicted to drugs and or alcohol.  The need to support these women into a better future has been identified by the following means:

  • Evidence of the scale of the problem obtained from BRIDGEfriends.
  • Local and National Research.
  • Meetings with local Authorities and Stakeholder Agencies.
  • Statistics obtained from the Home Office Consultation papers on Prostitution

Research through encounter meetings with service users since 2009 identifies:

  • 90%+ of those working as prostitutes do so to fund drug/alcohol addictions (although recently we are finding incidents of prostituting through poverty where there is no evidence or sign of drug use).
  • Majority age ranges averaging from 18 -36 (occasional contact with women over 40).
  • 70%+ say they are survivors of physical/or sexual abuse and have spent time in care.
  • 70%+ state that they suffer with post traumatic stress disorder as a direct result of prostitution and childhood abuses.
  • Many have self harmed and are visibly scarred.
  • Beatings and rapes occur but these crimes are rarely reported to the police.
  • 90%+ are estranged from families and have little or no contact.
  • Many with backgrounds of poverty have been unable to complete their education.
  • Domestic violence, homelessness, ‘sofa surfing’ and sleeping ‘rough’ are common events.
  • Almost all wish to EXIT their destructive lifestyles.